Anime Episode 1

Episode 1 - "Sakura and the Mysterious Magic Book"

English fan translation available!
CCS01.txt (version 1.1, translated by Rabi)

Blurb at the back of the mook for episode 1:

I'm Sakura Kinomoto. I'm a 4th-grader of Tomoeda Elementary School. I'm an ordinary girl who is bad in math but loves P.E......but then, I met Cerberus (Kerberos), or Kero, and I became the Card Captor!! I was asked to gather the cards but... how am I supposed to do it, Kero!

Blurb at the back of the LD for episode 1:

It's night time. As I changed into my pyjamas thinking about to go to sleep, an enormous bird flew across the sky. It seemed to be one of the Clow Cards, Fly. Kero told me to use the only card left with me, Windy, to capture it, but... How am I supposed to capture a bird that looks like a monster like this~?

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