Anime Episode 4

Episode 4 - "Sakura's Exausting Sunday"

  • LD/VHS vol.: 2
  • Anime mook vol.: None
  • Air date: 04/28/98
  • Cards captured:
  • Costume
English fan translation available!
CCS04.txt (version 1.1, 04/18/99, translated by Rabi)

Summary at the end of mook vol.1:

Today is Sunday, but it's Sakura's turn to do housework at home. While she's cleaning, she found 2 Clow Cards. Without writing her name on them, she left the house to deliver to her father something that he has forgotten. Then, Sakura returned home. The two cards affected each other and there were trees all over the house... Sakura sealed The Rain, and The Wood returned to the card shape by itself. But the housework needs to be done all over again...

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