Anime Episode 5

Episode 5 - "Sakura, Panda, and a Cute Store"

  • LD/VHS vol.: 2
  • Anime mook vol.: None
  • Air date: 05/05/98
  • Cards captured:
English fan translation available!
CCS05.txt (version 1.1, 04/18/99, translated by Rabi)

Summary at the end of mook vol.1:

Sakura got to know Miss Maki, the owner of a new fancy shop called Twin Bell. But there is a rumor about this store -- "A burglar will break into your home if you shop from there." But actually it's the act of the Clow Card, The Jump. The Jump called back the stuffed animals that were bought by people. The Jump combined with the other stuffed animals, but it lost its balance and fell. Sakura then sealed it.

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