Anime Episode 7

Episode 7 - "Sakura's First Challenge As A Mysterious Thief!?"

  • LD/VHS vol.: 2
  • Anime mook vol.: None
  • Air date: 05/19/98
  • Cards captured:
  • Costume
English fan translation available!
CCS07.txt (version 1.1, 04/27/99, translated by Rabi)

Summary inside mook 2 for episode 7:

Sakura and the others met a boy named Yuuki in the art museum. There is a painting by Yuuki's father, but Yuuki said, "it's drawn wrong!" Sakura, thinking that it's the act of a Clow Card, went to the art museum that night! But when Sakura was about to capture the card, she was moved out of the art museum. That's the act of The Silent who hates noise. Sakura, without making a sound, sealed The Silent with The Shadow.

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