Anime Episode 12

Episode 12 - "Sakura's One Endless Day"

  • LD/VHS vol.: 4
  • Anime mook vol.: -
  • Air date: 06/30/98
  • Cards captured:
English fan translation available! *NEW*
CCS12.txt (translated by Rabi)

Summary inside mook 3 for episode 12:

Sakura failed the recorder test. Being all depressed, somehow there is the same recorder test the next day again. Only Sakura and Li seemed to notice that the day repeated itself. Actually, it was the act of Time at the school's clock tower. Sakura used The Shield to defend against The Time's power of freely manipulating time. Li restrained the movement of Time, and Sakura was able to seal the card, but it seems that Time has approved of Li who sealed its power in the first place as its owner.

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