Anime Episode 19

Episode 19 - "Sakura and the Summer Vacation Homework"

  • LD/VHS vol.: 5
  • Anime mook vol.: -
  • Air date: 09/01/98
  • Cards captured:
English fan translation available!
CCS19.txt (translated by Rabi)

Blurb from inside the mook for episode 19:

Summer vacation has almost ended, and Sakura still has homework left to do. Because of that, she went to the library with Tomoyo to work on it.  But the book for the book report couldn't be found...  Actually the book they were searching for was moved by the card 'Move'.  With Li, who was also looking for the the same book, they began a big hunt for the book! But they chased it all the way to the part and sealed it, although they both fell into the pond.

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