Anime Episode 21

Episode 21 - "Sakura's Long Marathon"

  • LD/VHS vol.: 6
  • Anime mook vol.: -
  • Air date: 09/15/98
  • Cards captured:
English fan translation available!
CCS21.txt (translated by Rabi)

Blurb from inside the mook for episode 21:

Today is Tomoeda's Marathon Day.  Sakura, Li, and Meiling, who had special training, were all ready for it!  The three of them were leading when at some point in time, they were trapped in the space created by the card, The Loop. Sakura and the others were able to break the joint and got out of the loop, but they became the last ones in the race!  But, Meiling was really happy, when Li carried her to the finish line because she hurt her leg during the race... 

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