Anime Mook

Volume 2

  • Episode 6, 8, 9
  • Nakayoshi media comics: 52
  • ISBN no: 4-06-324652-3
  • First Published: 10/21/98
  • Published by: Kodansha
  • Price: 660
  • Cards captured:
  • Cover picture: Sakura is wearing her battle costume in episode 4, holding the wand with both hands. Kero is floating in front of Sakura. Syaoran is at the background.
Blurb on the back:

Episode 6: "Sakura and Her Memory of Mother"
In the forest inside the school, there seems to be a ghost. Everyone went to check it out, and a ghost appeared! I don't like scary things, but because it might be a Clow Card, I went there again. And, Mother's there...!? Why? Wasn't Mother in heaven!?

Episode 8: "Sakura's Rival Appear!"
The day I had a strange dream about a boy wearing Chinese costume, I was surprised as I got to school. That boy appeared as an exchange student. His name is Syaoran Li, but he always fixed his eyes on me. Creeps. Eh!? Li is also collecting the Clow Cards!? But I won't hand them over.

Episode 9: "Sakura and the Mysterious Brooch"
I was depressed by Li's arrival, so Tomoyo and Rika asked me to go shopping with them. But when Rika put on the sword-shaped brooch she bought, she started attacking me! It's because of The Sword, but I can't attack Rika. Argh, what should I do!?

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