Anime Mook

Volume 3 *New*

  • Episode 10, 11, 13
  • Nakayoshi media comics: 53
  • ISBN no: 4-06-324653-1
  • First Published: 12/16/98
  • Published by: Kodansha
  • Price: 660
  • Cards captured:
  • Cover picture: Sakura is wearing her school uniform on her inline skates. Touya and Fujitaka are in the background.
Blurb on the back:

Episode 10: "Sakura and a Flowery Athletics Meet"
Today is Tomoeda Elementary School's athletics meet. Father and Touya, and even Yukito are coming. Huh? Father and Tomoyo's mother knew each other? But, it seems they aren't in very good terms... At a time like that, a lot of flowers began falling down into the school causing an uproar. In the meantime, I got to stop the flowers!

Episode 11: "Sakura, Tomoyo, and the Big House"
Tomoyo invited me to her house. I'm so surprised when I get there! It is such a huge house. But the jewel box that holds Tomoyo and her mother's valuables wouldn't open. It's the sense of a Clow Card... All right, I'll do my best for Tomoyo and her mother.

Episode 13: "Sakura and Elephant's Strength Contest"
Huh~! The "Penguin King" slide at the park was turned upside down. Everyone says it's an "act of a very powerful ghost," so I was all scared. But, at the zoo where we had our trip, cages are beginning to be broken apart... These two incidence, could it be because of a Clow Card?

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