Anime Mook

Volume 5 *UPDATED*

  • Episode 18, 20, 22
  • Nakayoshi media comics: 55
  • ISBN no: 4-06-324655-8
  • First Published: 08/12/99
  • Published by: Kodansha
  • Price: 660
  • Cards captured:
  • Cover picture: Sakura in battle costume with Meiling in the background.
Blurb on the back:

Episode 18: "Sakura, Yukito, and the Summer Festival"
I had a strange dream.  A dream where fireflies-looking lights were dancing about.  Kero-chan said this was a prophetic dream, but... I wonder how?  That night, we went to the shrine for a festival, and I spent some time alone with Yukito!  While my heart was beating so fast, the lights that were dancing in my dream... This is... a Clow Card?

Episode 20: "Sakura and the Fighting Transfer Student"
Li's cousin, Meiling, transferred into our class.  But for some reason, she kept staring at me.  At the same time, sports combat experts were attacked in the town of Tomoeda.  Having sensed the Clow Card, we went to capture it, and we bumped into Meiling...  Even Meiling is looking for the cards?!

Episode 22: "Sakura and Her Kind Father"
Father was having his thesis published for his academic research.  I saw that he was busy, so I went to bring him carry-out.  And there was the card 'Sleep' making everyone fall asleep!  If I don't capture it fast, Father will never be able to finish his work!  I captured the card, but... I broke Father's computer which contains the paper?!

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