Card Captor Sakura has been made into 2 movie animations - one came out on August 21, 1999, the other one came out on July 15, 2000. The animation clip of Clover was also played in the theater at the same time of the first movie, while the movie version of the "Leave It To Kero" was shown together with the 2nd movie. The movies are produced by Madhouse.

CCS first movie - "Card Captor Sakura, the Animated Movie"

The translation of the movie is here.

The DVD/LD/Video release date for the first Card Captor Sakura movie is as follows...  

  • Release date: 02/25/2000
  • Price: 9800
  • Release by: Bandai Visual

The rough translation of the new Story Digest (from CLAMP's CCS page)

The Card Captor chases the Clow Card as usual.
After a tough battle, and with the help from Kero and Shaoran, Sakura is able to safely capture the card Arrow. At present, Sakura's ability as the Card Captor seems to have grown up somehow.

In a rainy night like that, the book of the Clow Cards on the desk suddenly flashes with light. Sakura, who is in her sleep without noticing a thing, is having a strange dream.
In a space where nothing can be seen, Sakura, who is standing still, is caught by some long, white cloth, and being pulled into the water. Sakura opens her eyes there silently...

Next day. Sakura and the others are attending the last day of school ceremony for the 2nd term. Shaoran and Meiling leave school with their report cards in hope and fear. Winter vacations start tomorrow! In a good mood, Sakura stopped by the fancy shop "Twin Bell" as usual and bought a notebook for doing her winter vacation homework. She entered the End-of-year lottery held by the Tomoeda shopping mall, and somehow, she won a special prize for a trip to Hong Kong!!

Sakura is so happy as she has never been on a trip overseas before. But it seems Kero has been to Hong Kong once before. Cheerfully, she joins the local tour!!

Because Sakura's father is on a business trip, her brother, Touya, comes in his place as Sakura's guardian... Tomoyo, Sakura's best friend, and Yukito, the one Sakura admires, join the both of them as well. The group leaves Japan...

Sakura's group visits the showy streets of Hong Kong. Sakura is mesmerized by all the scenes that she is seeing for the first time, of whom Tomoyo takes the video... With the guidebook's help, they enter the market. But a strange bird always appears around them.

That night, Sakura has the same dream again. Once more, the water fills up the space. And then, in front of the white lingering cloth, stands the image of a woman before Sakura!

Who in the world is trying to approach Sakura? More than the past, the town of unstopping magical powers, Hong Kong, draws near Sakura in a pinch!

CCS second movie - "The Sealed Cards"  ** NEW **

The rough translation of the Story Digest (from CLAMP's CCS page)

There was a Nadeshiko (pink) flower fest in Tomoeda. The whole town is fill with pinks. The house that used to belong to Eriol became the playground. Everything is in festivity mode. On such a day, Sakura was surprised to see Shaoran, who should have been in Hong Kong. Together with Meiling, they came to visit during their summer break. Previously, Shaoran told Sakura how he felt about her.  Sakura kept thinking in her mind that she needs to give him an answer. Her heart is beating fast. At that moment, the playground was lit with a mysterious light... The completed Sakura Cards were disappearing one by one... And then, mysterious events begin to happen in Tomoeda...!

What is the true nature of the mysterious light that appeared in
front of Sakura? 

Can Sakura get her cards back?!

Character designs and more info are available on CLAMP's official website.

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