Volume 1

  • Episodes 1-3
  • LD: BEAL-1278
  • VHS: BES-2134
  • VHS: BER-183 (Rentals only)
  • LD/VHS Price: 5000
  • Release Date: 09/25/98
  • Release by: Bandai Visual


  • DVD:
  • DVD Price: 5000
  • Release Date: 09/25/99
  • First edition DVD comes with a special box to accomodate vol. 1-4
Cards Captured:

Episode 1 - The Windy, The Fly
Episode 2 - The Shadow
Episode 3 - The Watery

First edition comes with a special box to accomodate vol. 1-4

Blurb on the back of LD:

Whoaaa~ I became a Card Captor!
Nice to meet you! I'm Sakura Kinomoto. I'm a grade 4 class 2 student from Tomoeda Elementary School, basically an energetic, extremely ordinary girl. One day, I found a book in Father's library. And inside, there were sealed magical cards called "Clow Cards." But I unfortunately used the magic of Windy, and scattered the cards... The so-called Clow Cards, each and every one of them has amazing powers hidden in it, and if the seal is broken, a "disaster" is said to come to this world! The cards must be captured as soon as possible, but... Wh...Whoaaa, I have to do it? *Sob sob* I don't have much confidence, but I'll do my best with Kerberos, Beast of the Seal!

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