Clow Cards

The Float

Manga appearances:
  • None!

TV Anime appearances:

  • captured in ep. 15
  • successfully captured:
  • used to capture:
  • failed to capture:
The Float, shaped like a hot air balloon, floats in the air. This card is yet another original anime card.

How it was captured:

In the manga, it doesn't exist!

In the TV anime, a kid is being carried away in the sky by The Float! Kero isn't quick enough and can't fly as high as The Float to stop it from dropping the kid. Sakura gets here just in time and seals the card. It looks like the kid is going to fall into Sakura's arms from the balloon when suddenly the wind blows and their hands just missed each other's. Kero manages to temporarily support the kid to prevent any further falling, and Sakura uses The Wood to help the kid land. In the end, no one is injured.

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