Clow Cards

The Mirror

Manga appearances:
  • captured in vol. 3
  • successfully captured:
  • used to capture:
  • failed to capture:

TV Anime appearances:

  • captured in ep. 25
  • successfully captured: The Shot
  • used to capture: The Cloud
  • failed to capture:
The Mirror, the card of mirror, creates a double of a person. It's a special card which the Card Captor has to identify the card in order to capture it.

How it was captured:

In the manga, Sakura has to figure out which card it is causing trouble to Touya. The Clow Card looks exactly like Sakura herself. Given the hints from a previous card reading, Sakura realizes -- it moves with her like a shadow, it reflects many things like water, but it's just an illusion, not the real one -- it's The Mirror. Once its name is said, The Mirror loses its power and returns to the card.

In the TV anime, it was very similar.

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