Clow Cards

The Mist

Manga appearances:
  • None!

TV Anime appearances:

  • captured in ep. 14
  • successfully captured:
  • used to capture:
  • failed to capture:
The Mist, the card of mist, is another one of the series of original anime cards. The Mist passes through and wraps around structures of buildings and weakens them.

How it was captured:

In the manga, it doesn't exist!

In the TV anime, Touya's class is performing Cinderella on stage (and guess who is Cinderella). The Mist corrodes the stage settings and Miss Cinderella Touya and "her" prince are hanging outside the half broken stairs. Sakura uses The Shadow to wrap The Mist and seals it successfully, but the structure continues to weaken! Syaoran casts a spell to bring the two down safely.

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