Clow Cards

The Power

Manga appearances:
  • None!

TV Anime appearances:

  • captured in ep. 13
  • successfully captured:
  • used to capture:
  • failed to capture:
The Power, the card of strength, likes to pick fights with those of great strength. Contrary to the nature of the card, The Power is represented by a little girl. This is another card that doesn't appear in the manga.

How it was captured:

In the manga, it doesn't exist!

In the TV anime, The Power disturbs the park by stamping through the walkways and picking fights with an elephant who is saved by Sakura using The Windy. Sakura is forced to play tug-of-war with The Power. The elephant helps Sakura, but they still seem to be losing. Syaoran sees this and uses The Time to stop time. He lets loose the rope on Sakura's opponent. Sakura wins and seals the card.

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