Clow Cards

The Return

Manga appearances:
  • None

TV Anime appearances:

  • captured in ep. 27
  • successfully captured:
  • used to capture:
  • failed to capture:
The Return is a card that would return people to the past.  This is the episode which Sakura went back in time and saw Touya and Kaho met the first time. It requires a lot of power to use this card, so it isn't used very often.  It seems to be more active when it's at full moon.

How it was captured:

In the manga, it doesn't exist.

In the TV anime, Li used the card 'Time' and stopped the flow of time in the past, in order to bring Sakura back to the present.  Sakura came back and sealed the card.  But of course, the card belongs to Li.

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