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テレビアニメ『カードキャプターさくら』 オリジナルドラマアルバム

TV Anime "Card Captor Sakura" Original Drama Album

Vol. CD no. Released by Release date Price
1 VICL-60262 Victor Entertainment Jul 23, 1998 2,600¥
2 VICL-60344 Victor Entertainment Feb 10, 1999 2,700¥

Volume 1 『さくらとお母さんのオルガン』(Sakura and Mother's Organ) is an original drama album scripted by CLAMP. The CD jacket and booklet illustrations of major characters are also drawn by CLAMP. The first edition comes in a plastic case with CLAMP's illustrations as well. The album includes the following tracks:

  • Picnic- Drama opening theme, sung by: グミ (Gumi)
  • 『さくらとお母さんのオルガン ー前編ー』(Sakura and Mother's Organ - Part 1 -) 17:10
  • 『さくらとお母さんのオルガン ー後編ー』(Sakura and Mother's Organ - Part 2 -) 26:56
  • Volume 2Sweet Valentine Storiescontains 6 original drama stories, scripted by Nanase Ohkawa (CLAMP). The first edition comes with a Valentine card. The CD also includes the following:

    • Get Your Love』- Sakura, Tomoyo, Meiling, Rika, Naoko, and Chiharu's new valentine song, sung by: 丹下桜 (Sakura Tange)岩男潤子 (Junko Iwao)、野上ゆかな (Yukana Nogami)、川上とも子 (Tomoko Kawakami)、本井えみ (Emi Hon'i)、松本美和 (Miwa Matsumoto)

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