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カードキャプターさくら オープニング・テーマ
Card Captor Sakura Opening Theme

Catch You Catch Me (TV size)
Sung by:
グミ / Gumi

会いたいな 会えないな 切ないなこの気持ち

/ Aitai na aenai na setsunai na kono kimochi /
/ I want to see you, I can't see you. It makes me feel sad. /

言えないの 言いたいの チャンス逃してばかり

/ Ienai no iitai no chansu nogashite bakari /
/ I cannot tell you, I want to tell you... My chance just slipped away. /

だって だって 翼広げ二人で

/ Datte datte tsubasa hiroge futari de /
/ But, let's both spread our wings out together... /

空をマラソン 夢をユニゾンしたい

/ Sora o marason yume o yunison shitai /
/ and run a marathon in the sky and unify our dreams. /

ほら Catch You Catch You Catch Me Catch Me まって

/ Hora Catch You Catch You Catch Me Catch Me matte /
/ Look! Catch You Catch You Catch Me Catch Me. Hold on! /

こっちをむいて スキだといって

/ Kocchi o muite suki da to itte /
/ Turn to me and tell me you love me. /

そう Nice to Meet You Good to See You きっと

/ Sou Nice To Meet You Good To See You kitto /
/ That's right! Nice to meet you. Good to see you. Surely! /

私の想い あなたのハートに飛んで飛んで飛んでいけ

/ Watashi no omoi anata no haato ni tonde tonde tonde yuke /
/ My feelings go flying, flying, flying into your heart. /


/ Ko-i-shi-te-ru! /
/ I am falling in love! /

(Translated by Rabi, 08/21/98)

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