Fujitaka Kinomoto (seiyuu: Hideyuki Tanaka)

  • Birthday: Jan 03
  • Occupation: Professor
  • Favorite food: Sweet things, noodles
  • Least favorite food: None
  • Favorite thing: Video game
  • Favorite color: White, ivory, light brown
  • Favorite flower: Pink, peach blossom, cherry blossom
  • Best dish: Cakes
  • Specialty: Can remember people's names and faces
  • Hobby: Cooking
  • Most wanted: Nothing

Fujitaka is Sakura and Touya's father. He is good at cooking and sewing. A very kind father, who has lost his young wife, Nadeshiko, when she was 27. He is a professor of archaeology at a university. He is very good at sports as well. "Fuji" in "Fujitaka" means ivy.

CLAMP / Kodansha / NEP21

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