Kaho Mizuki (seiyuu: Emi Shinohara)

  • Birthday: Feb 11
  • Occupation: Elementary school teacher
  • Favorite food: Alcohol
  • Least favorite food: Marshmellow
  • Favorite thing: Pacing
  • Favorite color: Unbleached cloth color
  • Favorite flower: Tsukimisou (Moon-viewing grass?)
  • Best dish: Basically anything
  • Weak point: Remembering streets
  • Hobby: Antique collecting
  • Specialty: Can't remember any streets at all

Miss Mizuki is Sakura's class's new Math teacher. From the beginning, Syaoran seems to sense that she has "power." It turns out that she plays an important role in the "Judgment" by "Yue." What is it? Also, Touya and Kaho were a couple before?!

CLAMP / Kodansha / NEP21

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