Rika Sasaki (seiyuu: Tomoko Kawakami)

  • Birthday: Jun 24
  • Blood type: A
  • Favorite class: P.E.
  • Least favorite class: None
  • School club: None
  • Favorite color: White
  • Favorite flower: Marguerite
  • Favorite food: Muffin
  • Least favorite food: Fermented soybeans
  • Best dish: Lunchboxes
  • Most wanted: Western clothings

Rika is a pretty, kind girl in Sakura's class. Very mature. In the manga, she and Mr. Terada are engaged. But she only admires Mr. Terada in the anime. She is good at cooking and sewing. A very talended and quiet girl.

CLAMP / Kodansha / NEP21

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