Ruby Moon

  • Master/Mistress: Eriol Hiiragizawa
  • Birthday: Secret (different from Nakuru's)
  • Symbol: Moon
  • Attribute: Yang (Light)
  • Eyes: Dark red
  • School club: None
  • Hair: Red
  • School of sorcery: Western
  • Favorite food: Doesn't eat anything
  • Favorite thing: Troublesome things
  • Least favorite thing: Boring things
  • False form: Nakuru Akizuki
  • See also Nakuru

Nakuru is a transfer student as well, this time in Touya's class. She is very good in sports, and seem to have an interest in Touya. Even though Nakuru dresses like a girl, Nakuru actually isn't a girl. In fact, she said she isn't even human! She is hinting something at Yukito about Touya and Yukito himself, but she's definitely keeping a lot behind. Her true form, Ruby Moon, looks like a woman dressed and red and black, with wings behind her.

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