Sakura Kinomoto (seiyuu: Sakura Tange)

  • Birthday: April 1
  • Blood type: A
  • Favorite class: P.E., music
  • Least favorite class: Math
  • School club: Cheerleading club
  • Favorite color: Pink, white
  • Favorite flower: Cherry blossom
  • Favorite food: Omelet with fried rice, noodles
  • Least favorite food: Konnyaku
  • Best dish: Pancake
  • Most wanted: A new schoolbag

Sakura is the main character of the series. She is a 4th-grader of the Tomoeda Elementary school. She is a very energetic girl, as being athletic is her best attribute. She stumbles across the magical book "The Clow" and scatters the magical cards "Clow Cards" by accident. Now she is the world's one and only Card Captor to capture the cards back. Her name "Sakura" means cherry blossoms.

CLAMP / Kodansha / NEP21

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