Sonomi Daidouji (seiyuu: Miki Itou)

  • Birthday: Oct 13
  • Occupation: President of a toy company
  • Favorite food: Mushroom dishes, tea
  • Least favorite food: Coffee
  • Favorite thing: Nadeshiko Kinomoto
  • Favorite color: Light purple
  • Favorite flower: Pink
  • Best dish: Almost anything
  • Weak point: Waking up in the morning
  • Hobby: Make tea in general
  • Specialty: Biking and driving

Sonomi is Tomoyo's beautiful Mother, who turns out to be Fujitaka's student in high school, and Nadeshiko (Sakura's Mother)'s best friend since kindergarten. She is mad at Fujitaka because she said that he took Nadeshiko away from her. She had probably loved Nadeshiko more than just friends. She even has her daughter wear long hair because Nadeshiko had long hair.

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