Spinel (Suppy)

  • Nickname: Suppy
  • Birthday: Secret
  • Favorite food: Bitter things
  • Least favorite food: Sweet things
  • Favorite thing: Reading
  • Favorite color: Black, green
  • Favorite book: Related to witchery
  • Favorite flower: Poppy
  • Most wanted: Quiet surrounding
  • Place of living: At Eriol's
  • Original shape: Black panther with butterfly wings
  • See also Spinel Sun

Spinel's usual shape is like Kero, but it's black with bigger eyes than Kero, looks more like a cat. When magic is acted upon Spinel, it turns into a black panther with butterfly wings. What are Eriol, Spinel and Nakuru doing in the town of Tomoeda?

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