Shao-Lang (Syaoran) Li (seiyuu: Motoko Kumai)

  • Birthday: July 13
  • Blood type: O
  • Favorite class: P.E., Math
  • Least favorite class: Japanese
  • School club: None
  • Favorite color: Green
  • Favorite flower: Peony
  • Favorite food: Dim sum, chocolate
  • Least favorite food: Konnyaku
  • Best dish: None
  • Most wanted: A book written by Clow

The Japanese reading of the Li's name, "Shaoran" or "Syaoran", if it were to be read in Chinese, it would be "Shao-Lang." And since he comes from Hong Kong, I would say "Shao-Lang" is a more correct spelling of his name. Anyway, Li comes from a family of Chinese sorcerors, and is a distant relative of Clow. He collects Clow Cards as well, so he seems to be Sakura's rival. Because of one reason or another, Li is attracted to Yukito as well. "Shao-Lang" means small wolf.

CLAMP / Kodansha / NEP21

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