Volume 6

  • Character card: Cerberus (Kerberos)
  • Nakayoshi issues: '98 Apr - '98 Jul
  • ISBN no: 4-06-333954-8
  • First Published: 07/13/98
  • Price: 400
  • Cards captured:
English fan translation removed.
CCS vol. 6 (
Kittyhawk, the translator, has asked me to remove her translation due to upcoming US-release of the CCS manga.)

Blurb at the back of the volume:

Ghastly flames attack Sakura and the others! Cards with the strongest powers appear one after another, Sakura's in great danger! At last, the revelation of the true form of "Yue" and the final "Judgment" that's waiting there!? The finale of the "Clow Card Series!!"

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