2. Story background 

Rg Veda is the debut manga created by a group of very talented ladies known as CLAMP.  The manga of Rg Veda started when CLAMP had 7 members, namely, Mokona Apapa, Satsuki Igarashi, Mick Nekoi, Nanase Ohkawa, Tamayo Akiyama, Sei Nanao and Leeza Sei.  By the time they finished the series, only the first 4 members were left.  They distribute their work on Rg Veda as follows: 

Story: Nanase Ohkawa 
Comic: Mokona Apapa 
Book Designer: Nanase Ohkawa 
Director: Mokona Apapa 
Short Comic: Mick Nekoi 
Art Assistant: Mick Nekoi, Satsuki Igarashi 

The characters of the story were loosely taken from the gods in one of the sacred Hindu writings, Rg Veda.  As far as the story itself is concerned, it has no direct relevence to the original scripture.  The names of the characters of Rg Veda were translated into their respective Japanese names.  A partial list of their equivalent Hindu names and characteristics are presented in the sections below. 

The story of Rg Veda takes place in Tenkai, the heavenly world that used to be very peaceful under the rule of Tentei the Emperor.  One day, Taishaku-ten, one of Tentei's warriors, rebelled against the Emperor.  He defeated the strongest warrior in Tenkai, Ashura-Ou, who was also the Guardian God of War, and killed the Tentei to take over Tenkai. Taishaku-ten then crowned himself as the new Tentei.  This was referred to as the Holy War. 

The main story line of Rg Veda starts 300 years after the Holy War with a prophecy by a stargazer which foretold the future of Tenkai.  It was said that the gathering of six particular persons, known as the Six Stars, would result in the "break" of the Heavenly World. 

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