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Hiten Muma is the only art book released so far on Rg Veda.  It is a set of 2 A4 sized books.  The first one is hardcover, 70 pages, with 56 pages of color illustrations and 6 pages of B&W illustrations.  The second one is softcover, 47 pages, including a short manga, a 4-page comments on the illustrations and background information on characters. 

Title Publisher ISBN Year Price
Hiten Muma Shinshokan 4-403-61260-1 1992  3200 ¥


Three CDs have been released based on earlier progression of the manga or the anime.

Title Retailer Catalogue Price
Seiden - Rg Veda Ongaku-hen King Record KICA-9 3000 ¥
Seiden - Rg Veda Drama-hen King Record KICA-19 3000 ¥
Seiden - Original Animation Soundtrack Sony CSCL-1630 1800 ¥

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