5. Characters by categories, weapon names and stylish special attacks 
(Codes inside parenthesis are in EUC-JIS format)

This list consists of characters with their weapons and attack names.  It should be noted that all gods, kings, generals and warriors have their own weapons, but not necessarily in the form of a sword or blades.  Some of these weapon names may not have been mentioned in the series and therefore may not appear here.  This list is arranged by categories -- the Six Stars (this page), the kings and generals, and other characters.  Please be reminded that this is NOT a complete list of characters.  

The Six Stars 

Character Weapon Special Attacks
Shura-tou "Shura Sword"
(not mentioned)
Garuda [*]  Karura-hitenshou "Soaring Karura"
Harp (transformed, not mentioned)
Ryuuga-tou "Dragon Teeth Sword" (ζ²çÅá) Kai-Ou Jin "King of Sea's Battle Formation" (³¤²¦¿Ø), 
Haja-kairyuuha "Sea Dragon's Evil-defeating Wave" (Ç˼ٳ¤Î¶ÇÈ)
Sougeppa "Twin Moon Crescent" (ÁзîÍÕ) Sougeppa "Twin Moon Crescent" (ÁзîÍÕ), 
Sougetsu-ranbu "Twin Moon's Wild Dance"
Yama-tou "Yama Sword"
Yama-tenrouken "Night Devil's Heavenly Wolf Sword" (ÌëËâŷϵ·õ), 
Mei-Ou Hayouzan "Hades' Ghost-defeating Cut" (̽²¦ÇËÍÅ»Â)

[*] When Karura-Ou gathers her power, Garuda -- her royal bird -- will gain energy probably from the fireball that Karura-Ou manages to produce. When Karura-Ou releases her attack, Garuda attacks her target along with Karura-Ou's fireball, which can merge into Garuda's body to form into one. 

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