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2. Who are the Six Stars?  When and where did they meet? 

The Six Stars are: Ashura, Yasha-Ou, Souma, Ryuu-Ou, Karura-Ou and Kendappa-Ou.  Ashura was freed from the Forest of Maya by Yasha-Ou.  As a result of Yasha-Ou's keeping of Ashura, the whole Yasha clan was massacred by Bishamon-ten under the order of Taishaku-ten.  Yasha was determined to take revenge on Taishaku-ten by gathering the Six Stars.  Souma was sent by Kisshou-ten to help Yasha-Ou and Ashura.  Then Ryuu-Ou joined the crew because he wanted to train himself as a better fighter.  Karura-Ou then met the four of them after the tragic death of her younger sister being tortured by Taishaku-ten.  They did not meet the last of the Six Stars, Kendappa-Ou, until they invaded Zenmi-jou, the Royal Palace. 

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