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4. What happened during the Holy War? 

The Holy War refers to Taishaku-ten's rebellion against the former Tentei, 300 years ago.  Back then, Taishaku-ten was a fierce warlord, known as the God of Thunder.  After Taishaku-ten defeated Ashura-Ou, the Guardian God of War of Tenkai and its strongest warrior, he killed Tentei and crowned himself the new Tentei.  From then on, the word "Ashura" has also become a taboo. Bishamon-ten, who was Taishaku-ten's friend and comrade was given Kisshou-ten, the previous Tentei's only daughter, in marriage as a hostage. Kisshou-ten was the previous Tentei's only daughter.  Many tribes and warriors, who refused to accept Taishaku-ten's rule were killed as a result.

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