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7. Is there any difference between the manga and the anime? Is the third anime coming soon?

Yes and don't know.  There are a lot of differences between the manga and the anime.  Sometimes, things are added in the anime, sometimes things are omitted.  To pin-point all differences will be impossible, but the following is some major variations in plot. 

The first anime was based on the story in manga volume 4, where Yasha-Ou, Ashura and Ryuu-Ou were driven to the north near the Yasha Village.  In the anime, Karura-Ou was also with them, but in the manga, she has not yet joined the crew.  Also, the Aizenmyou-Ou in the anime was the princess who gave herself to the demons and later on trapped Yasha-Ou because she was lonely. In the manga, the demons ate the young Aizenmyou-Ou and took over her beautiful face, captured Yasha-Ou for his strength and powers.  Third, in the manga, this is where the said Shura-Toh succession ceremony was performed but this was omitted in the anime.  Lastly, Aizenmyou-Ou was defeated by Ashura in the anime whereas in the manga, she was defeated by Kujaku. 

The second anime was about the invasion of the Zenmi-jou by the Five Stars in search for the sixth star, who was still unknown to them.  The same invasion did not happen in the manga until volume 9, which has the same title as the second anime. The anime was not based on any volumes of the 
manga at the time of its release although it contains materials which resemble those in the later volumes of the manga.  A lot of things have happened between manga volume 4 and 9, therefore it is difficult to compare the two plots here.  The end of the second anime showed that the five stars left Zenmi-jou sucessfully, knowing that Kendappa-Ou was the sixth star.  In the manga, the result of this invasion, however, was totally different and more tragic than the anime. 

There is no third anime produced as of this time, and it seems unlikely that there will be one.

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