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8. How is the power structure in Tenkai?

The above diagrams show the power structure of Tenkai before and after the Holy War.  Before the Holy War, the Emperor's right-hand man was Ashura-Ou.  He had his own warriors known as the Twelve Warlords. Ashura-Ou was also the leader of the Shitennou.  But since the death of 
Ashura-Ou, the Shitennou were directly under the Emperor, with Bishamon-ten as the head of the Shitennou.  The Shitennou have their own armies.  The Bushinshou were under the control of the Shitennou of their respective cardinal points.  The rest of the warlords are of lower ranks. 

Each of the Bushinshou has his/her own clan.  They are known as the god clans.  There are also humans which do not belong to any god clans.  The people belonging to the god clans, as well as the above warlords can have incredibly long life span.  For example, 300 years is only the time for 
such people to grow from childhood to adulthood.

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