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9. Why do the leaders of a god clan have the same name as his/her clan name?

The leaders (kings or queens) of a god clan are not born with such names. They all had their own childhood names, e.g. Yasha-Ou's childhood name was Yama.  When they are chosen to be the next king or queen, they inherit the clan names from the previous leader.  So for the same example, when Yama was chosen by the previous Yasha-Ou (his father) to be the next king, Yama then became the new Yasha-Ou.  Since "Yasha" is the name of the clan and the word "Ou" means king/queen (in Japanese, "ou" works for both a male leader or a female leader), "Yasha-Ou" means "King (Queen, or merely leader) of Yasha". These kings/queens are sometimes considered immortal in this way because their titles are carried on for generations although individual leaders live and die.

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