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12. Who are Shashi and Kara?

Kara is Shashi's elder twin sister.  Both of them were chosen to be the Miko of the Ashura clan.  Shashi later became the wife of Ashura-Ou and was carrying the child of Ashura-Ou when she betrayed the Ashura clan to Taishaku-ten 300 years ago.  She was made the Empress of Tenkai by Taishaku-ten and bore him his heir, Tenou, the twin brother of Ashura, who was Ashura-Ou's heir. 

Kara, on the other hand, tried to kill herself because she was unable to stop Shashi from betraying her clan.  But she was brought back to life by the illusionary powers of Ashura-Ou.  She fled to Kusumabura, the underground city in the west, at the defeat of the Ashura clan.  She sheltered herself under the care of Kumara-ten, the king of Kusumabura, whose clan was almost wiped out by Taishaku-ten's army.  The jewel on Kara's forehead was the key to the rebirth of Shura-Tou.

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