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18. Who are the parents and relatives of Ryuu-Ou?

Ryuu-Ou's childhood name was Naga.  His mother was the previous leader of Ryuu clan.  She was once the strongest Bushinshou of Tenkai.  After Taishaku-ten took over Tenkai, she continued to serve the new emperor. She died trying to save a human girl.  At her death, Naga's grandfather who
was the Ryuu-Ou before Naga's mother, took over the rule again since Naga was still too young to become king.  Naga also had two elder cousins -- Seiryuu and Byakuryuu, who helped Naga's mother took care of Naga when she was in battle with the demons.  Naga's father never appeared in the main pages of the manga, but he did show up in the funny side story at the back of volume 5.  He was a very skillful cook who could make delicious meals out of the Mazoku captured by his wife.

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