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22. How many people are secretly admiring or are in love with Yasha-Ou?

Three.  The first one mentioned was Gigei the dancer.  She fell in love with him on the first sight at Kisshou-ten's Star Festival six years ago.  The second person was the former Kendappa-Ou, the present Kendappa-Ou's mother.  Although she was married, she couldn't help herself but to fall in love (one-sided) with the young Yasha-Ou.  She cried every night because of this until the day she died.  The third one was Zouchou-ten's wife.  It was mentioned in the funny stories at the back of volume 6 of the manga.  Byakuryuu said to Yasha-Ou that he heard that Zouchou-ten's wife was was once one of Yasha-Ou's fans, before she was married to Zouchou-ten.

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