7.1 Non-spoiler questions 

If you see a sign like the one on the right at the bottom of any of the questions, it means there is a spoiler version of that question. 

Spoilers here...
  1. What was Kuyou's Prophecy? 
  2. Who are the Six Stars? When and where did they meet? 
  3. What does it mean by the pattern of stars? 
  4. What happened during the Holy War? 
  5. Who is Kujaku? Is he really a Mazoku? 
  6. Where do the Mazoku live? 
  7. Is there any difference between the manga and the anime? Is the third anime coming soon? 
  8. How is the power structure in Tenkai? 
  9. Why do the leaders of a god clan have the same name as his/her clan name? 
  10. Where is Ashura-jou? 
  11. Why was Ashura-Ou, the strongest warrior in Tenkai, defeated by Taishaku-ten? 
  12. Who are Shashi and Kara? 
  13. Is Ashura a girl or a boy? 
  14. Why did Shashi want to kill baby Ashura? 
  15. What kind of relationship is there between Souma and Kendappa-Ou? 
  16. What is the legend of Yama-Tou? 
  17. What is the connection between Shura-Tou and Yama-Tou? 
  18. Who are the parents and relatives of Ryuu-Ou?
  19. What is the bond between Karura-Ou and her bird Garuda? 
  20. What happened to the Eastern general? There were only 3 generals but they were always referred to as the Shitennou. 
  21. Who is Hanranya? Why does she cover her face with a piece of cloth all the time? 
  22. How many people are secretly admiring or are in love with Yasha-Ou?