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1. What is the real meaning of Kuyou's Prophecy?

Kuyou's two versions of the Prophecy were delivered to two different persons.  Even though their contents differ slightly, we can still picture the sequence of events easily.  The following is what is combined from the two Prophecies and is the true interpretation/implication of the Prophecy: 

There would come a time when Taishaku-ten would rebel against Tentei (this happened 300 years ago). At the death of Ashura-Ou and Tentei, Taishaku-ten would take over the kingdom, which would begin an era of evil.  The Six Stars would start to gather around Ashura-Ou's child, an infant being brought up by Yasha-Ou, who would end up having his whole clan massacred.  Until the day that Ashura's Seal is fully broken, "Ashura" would have two distinct characters -- a lovely and cute "Ashura" which Yasha-Ou and almost everyone who knew Ashura would love and care, and an "Ashura" who only loves killing and destruction.  Kujaku, the mysterious character who would occasionally drop hints and directions to the Six Stars, could be exempted from Kuyou's prophecy because the one who has the blood of a Hoshimi, has a fate that could not be seen by another 
Hoshimi. When all of the Six Stars die, Ashura would fully resurrect into the real Ashura -- God of Destruction.  Ashura would destroy all that are considered evil, which would bring about the "Break" or the Subversion of Heaven. 

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