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5. Is Kujaku really a Mazoku?  Is he the person who gave Yama-Tou to the Yasha clan according to the legend?  Where do his purple eyes and black wings come from?

Kujaku is the forbidden son of the previous Emperor and the previous Emperor's sister, Sonsei-Ou, who was also the Hoshimi before Kuyou. Therefore, Kujaku carries the blood of Hoshimi.  This is why sometimes he is seen holding the stargazing wand and why he can perform the rite of succession of Shura-Tou. 

Yes.  Kujaku travelled back in time to give Yama-Tou to the Yasha clan. He had long predicted that the full awakening of Ashura would bring about disaster, and that only Yama-Tou would have a chance to stop Ashura. 

It is not explained how he exactly got his purple eyes which is the characteristics of the Mazoku.  It may be related to the fact that his royal parents were siblings, which made Kujaku the forbidden son and was disgraced by the mark of Daten, which indicates that he is even lower class than the Mazoku.  As for the black wings, it is shown towards the end of the manga, that they grew on Kujaku's back when the mark of Daten appeared on his forehead.  Black wings and purple eyes seem to indicate a Mazoku, but no, he is not a Mazoku. 

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