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6. Who is "Black Ashura"?

"Black Ashura" can be regarded as the "real" Ashura -- the god of destruction.  Ashura possesses two distinct characters, the tender "kid" Ashura, and the brutal "black" Ashura.  At the beginning, "black Ashura" appears momentarily -- 
  • during Yasha's breaking of the kekkai inside the Forest of Maya thus waking up Ashura, 
  • when Yasha finds out that Kuyou was killed in her training place,
  • inside the underground city where the Shura-Tou was broken from the seal,
  • after Kujaku performed the Shura-Tou succession ceremony on Ashura,
  • during the resonance of the Shura-Tou when revealing members of the Six Stars, etc 
-- and afterwards, "kid" Ashura would take back the body again.  After the gathering of the Six 
Stars in Zenmi-jou, "black Ashura" takes over Ashura's body completely and to turn into the original Ashura -- the god of destruction. 

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