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11. Why and how was Ashura-Ou defeated?

It was Ashura-Ou's will to die in the hands of Taishaku-ten.  Ashura-Ou has asked for Taishaku-ten's help to prevent the full awakening of his child.  Therefore, Taishaku-ten needed to be emperor and had power over everyone so that he could manipulate the world in his hand.  In order to be able to kill the Real Ashura, Taishaku-ten had to demonstrate Ashura-Ou that he did have enough power.  To prove this, Ashura-Ou asked Taishaku-ten to use all his power to kill him, otherwise he wouldn't be able to defeat the Real Ashura.  Taishaku-ten had no choice, but gathered all his strength and power, thrust his weapon through Ashura-Ou's body, and killed him.
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