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12. How did Taishaku-ten and Kujaku get the mark of Daten?

As explained earlier, the mark of Daten represents a being who has committed something even worse than a Mazoku and has fallen from his/her original standing (e.g. high royalty/rank).  After Taishaku-ten killed Ashura-Ou, he consumed Ashura-Ou's flesh on the instructions of Ashura-Ou. The mark of daten then appeared on Taishaku-ten's forehead; signifying that Taishaku-ten had fallen from grace since he is now committed to his promise to change the fate of the world and changing the pattern of the stars.  At the consumption of Ashura-Ou's flesh, Taishaku-ten gains Ashura-Ou's illusionary power and knowledge. 

Kujaku got his mark of Daten at birth -- a mark signifying his parent's incest (brother and sister love). 

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