7.2 Spoiler questions 

If you see a sign like the one on the right at the bottom of any of the questions, it means there is a non-spoiler version of that question. 

Non-spoilers here...
  1. What is the real meaning of Kuyou's Prophecy? 
  2. What happened to the Eastern General, Jikoku-ten? 
  3. Do Bishamon-ten and Kisshou-ten love each other? 
  4. Why does Kendappa-Ou serve Taishaku-ten so loyally when she let Souma go against Taishaku-ten? 
  5. Is Kujaku really a Mazoku?  Is he the person who gave Yama-Tou to the Yasha clan according to the legend?  Where do his purple eyes and black wings come from?
  6. Who is "Black Ashura"? 
  7. What part do Shashi and Kara play in the being of the real Ashura? 
  8. Why did Ashura kill Ryuu-Ou? 
  9. What was Ashura-Ou's crime? 
  10. What was Taishaku-ten's "most treasured thing"? 
  11. Why and how was Ashura-Ou defeated? 
  12. How did Taishaku-ten and Kujaku get the mark of Daten? 

  13. Why is Ashura neither a boy nor a girl? 

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