8. Internet resources 

The following information is known to me as of this current version of the FAQ.  Any information on resources not listed here are most welcomed. 


Homepages containing info, scripts, images, etc, dedicated to Rg Veda.  Email Kujaku if you wish your Rg Veda homepage be added in. 

FTP Sites 

Only public ftp sites will be listed.  There are other private sites which contain illustrations or informations for Rg Veda, but I do not have the right to list them here.  Email kujaku@lycosmail.com if you find a nice FTP site with Rg Veda info and images. 

Type of info Host Directory
1st OVA script bongo.cc.utexas.edu /anime/TTS_SCRIPTS/
1st OVA script ftp.ics.uci.edu /pub/anime/scripts/titling
Pictures ftp.tcp.com /pub/anime-manga/RGVeda/Images
Pictures ftp.white.toronto.edu /pub/_anime/AnimeB/old_images/


There has not been a whole lot of fanfictions over the internet.  The following have been released to CML.  Any other info will be appreciated. Email kujaku@lycosmail.com if you know of more fanfics. The following and more can be found in http://www.apricot.com/~fuu/clampfix4.0/

(Code: LEMON -- may contain adult content, C -- completed, O -- on-going, Number -- number of chapters)

Title Author Brief Description Status
All of Me Mimi Zhou LEMON: Taishaku-ten and Ashura-Ou in the middle of the night on the eve of the final battle... C/1
Cheating Fate Fuu-chan An ordinary girl plays an extraordinary part in the fate of the Earth C/9 
The Golden Warriors Ashura/ChunLi 2 normal girls fall into the world of Rg Veda. Will Susan and Hiyana change the fate of the Six Stars? C/16
No Heaven For Us Mimi Zhou A character study type of story around Ashura and Yasha after manga volume 10 C/1
Romancing the Swords Ashura/ChunLi LEMON: A normal girl in the world of Rg Veda.  Ahmay is trapped in a castle of Rg Veda characters O/2
The Temptation Mimi Zhou Sensual taste, Ashura-Ou & Taishaku-ten, with the temptation of killing O/1
Toys in the Palm of God Fuu-chan Sequel to Cheating Fate with crossover of X characters.  Can Fiona save the world again? C/13
The TTV Special Mimi Zhou Hilarious Hard Copy type story.  Kujaku's the TV host! O/2

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