9. Credits 

As I said before, thanks must go to everyone on the early days of the CLAMP Mailing List, especially TK's info on the gods equilvalences in the early-early days of CML, and Hojo-kun for compiling the ever-so-informative CLAMP Internet Guide. Also thanks to "Yasha" for providing me with VCD information.  

Special thanks must go to my editors and questioners:

  • Fuu Hououji, the first CML translator from Japanese to English (fuu@cephiro.anime.net)
  • Lai (ylai@pwa.acusd.edu)
  • Tomoko Kimura (t-kimura@cap.bekkoame.or.jp)
  • Crystal Chi (ci562@torfree.net)
  • Ashura/ChunLi Cha (ashura@future.net)
  • Mimi Zhou (aihua.zhou@citicorp.com)
  • Sharon See (seesx@singnet.com.sg)
That's it.  I hope I did a fair job. 

- Kujaku (kujaku@lycosmail.com) 

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