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Fan Column......A Save For Tokyo City Story

At last, I received some fanarts from you audience. I'm really happy. *WARNING* Some of these fanarts may contain spoilers.... Click on the names on the characters page.

You might have seen this before.... it's almost an exact copy of the guidelines from my X webpage...

CLAMP has made themselves clear that they do not want other people to use their art on homepages, I'll be asking for fanarts instead. Yes, they said fanarts are okay. All submissions will be used in the characters sections. Fanarts will be updated on a monthly basis.

Please make sure you follow the guidelines below. Makes my life a lot easier =)

What types of fan-art are accepted?

Individual characters, group pictures.

What should you do if you would like to submit?

  1. Email me at with the Subject: Submit your TB fan-art!!
    Clearly state your name (or nickname if you prefer so), email, the theme/title (if any) of your art, and a brief description of the picture/scene so that I know what I'm expecting to receive. If you already have your picture on a web page, give me the URL and jump to step (5). If no, read on...
  2. Wait for my confirmation. This is very important. Do NOT email your drawing to me until you get my confirmation.
  3. While doing so, scan in your drawing to a reasonable size. Make sure the lines are clear and colors are distinguishable. This is very important: Please keep the file size to less than 300K if possible. Use jpg (high or medium quality if using Adobe Photoshop) or gif format, NOT tif or bmp.
  4. If you don't have access to a scanner, lemme know in your email. I will give you my snailmail address in my reply. However, it won't appear on the page until I get my hands on a scanner. Works will usually NOT be returned. So please use a photocopy if possible (a nice one please ^_^). If you must have your works returned, please state so, and use enough mailer for it so that it's not ruined during the mailing process.
  5. After I get your drawing, I have the right to resize it or enhance it so as to fit it on the TBpage. I use Adobe Photoshop 4.0. I usually resize it to a height of around 550 pixels or a width of around 800 pixels, if the original picture is larger. I usually keep it at 72-100 pixels/inch. I also try to darken it a little (or sometimes lighten it depending on the drawing) or put a mask over it. Then I usually save it with medium quality jpg since the artworks are usually big and this much compression won't do too much harm to the quality anyway. This should limit the file to something less than 70 KB for B&W, 100KB for color.
  6. Sit back and relax. You'll see your drawing on this page in the next monthly update.