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Music......A Save For Tokyo City Story

The following info are taken from CLAMP Internet Guide, written by Richard Vermaas.

Tokyo Babylon 1999 Drama CD
Retailer: Sony
Catalogue: SRCL-2699
Price: 2800

This is a drama CD with voices done by the same artists who played in the live action video with the same title. (The story, however, is by Nanase Ohkawa, unlike the video.) It is probably useless to people who don't know Japanese well enough to understand spoken languages, but it's there. Released on September 22, 1993. The cover consists of a picture of the actors who played Seishirou and Subaru in the live action movie. The first release has one drawing inside, but later releases do not.

Tokyo Babylon Single Triple
Retailer: Sony
Catalogue: SRDL-3610 2
Price: 2400

Tokyo Babylon Single Triple is a set of three single CD's, each reflecting the image of one major Tokyo Babylon character (black, pink and white are Seishirou, Hokuto and Subaru). This limited edition was released on February 21, 1994 and is not available anymore.

Tokyo Babylon Image Soundtrack
Retailer: Sony
Catalogue: SRDL-2439 40
Price: 4000

This double CD contains one drama CD (a dramatization of Call) and one CD with music.

Disc 1

  1. She Strikes Back [1:59]
  2. Motor Drive (Rebecca) [3:47]
  3. 2-B In Love (Subsonic Factor) [4:49]
  4. Bubbly Girl (Gwinko) [4:15]
  5. Sayonara, So Long (D-Project) [4:44]
  6. Century Jack [4:39]
  7. Nobody Beats Me In the Night Club (More Deep) [5:08]
  8. Sweet (Chara) [4:41]
  9. Before Long [1:19]
  10. Visions of Boys [4:24]

Disc 2

  1. Call (drama CD) [39:25]

Tokyo Babylon Image Soundtrack 2
Retailer: Sony
Catalogue: SRCL-2831
Price: 2800

The first volume contains songs reflecting the mood of Tokyo Babylon before "the secret" is revealed; the second volume contains songs reflecting the mood afterwards. Volume 2 also contains the image clip of the first OAV. The second volume was released on March 9, 1993.

This CD has five lyrics cards - squared, the size of a CD tray - with color pictures on the other side. For translations of the liner notes, look here.